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Which Operating System is More Functional – Windows Or UNIX (Linux)?

By Charles S Taylor

Choosing the efficient Operating System is depends on several factors. Whether it is for personal use or for office use, choosing the OS platform is the vital part

History of Unix chart

History of Unix chart (click for larger)

of long-term plan, as it can’t be changed often. You need to consider your requirements both short-term and long-term and the features of Windows and UNIX before choosing the OS.

The following are the some of the important features and properties of the two Operating Systems that will help you to understand them better.

1. Multi-User System: Windows OS is designed to be used by one person at a time, whereas multiple persons can share UNIX OS at a time in a network.

2. Security: Windows users are burdened with the need for anti-virus and anti-spyware software. On the other side, for UNIX it is not required, as it is more secure than Windows.

3. Bugs: UNIX has a reputation for fewer bugs (programming mistakes) than Windows.

4. Performance: Under low-stress conditions, both have similar performance.

However, under high load, UNIX is superior to Windows.

5. Simplicity: To operate UNIX OS we need a little knowledge of Character User Interface, whereas it is very simple to operate Windows OS.

6. Compatibility: If you designed a website under a UNIX server you can easily host it on the Windows server, but the reverse is not always possible.

7. Website Hosting: If you want to use MySQL as backend then go for UNIX. If you need MSSQL as backend then Windows OS is a better option.

8. Application Software: You will get Application software along with UNIX OS package, whereas with Windows you won’t get it.

9. Run the OS without installing it: UNIX can be run with Live CD even without installing it. Windows cannot run until it is installing into hard disk.

10. File System: UNIX protects data with Journalized file system, while Windows uses both journalized and non-journalized file systems. There is less protection of data with the non-journalized file systems.

11. Fragmentation: UNIX file system doesn’t suffer from file fragmentation but Windows file system will be, which results a single file may scatter all over the hard disk as fragments.

12. Crossing the OS boundary: Some Application softwares written for UNIX will not run under Windows and vice versa.

13. Placing User Data: UNIX stores all user data in the home directory making it much easier to migrate from an old computer to new one.

On the other hand, Windows stores data anywhere in the hard disk making it hard to backup files when switching to a new computer.

14. Hardware Compatibility: UNIX can run on different hardware platforms but Windows can’t.

15. Supported hardware devices: UNIX supports less hardware devices than Windows.

16. Ability to run without GUI: UNIX can run without Graphical User Interface so it needs less hardware horsepower than Windows.

17. Price: You can get a copy of genuine UNIX free of cost, whereas you have to buy Windows OS.

The two Operating Systems serve different purposes. The above information helps you to choose the better one that suits your requirements.

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By Luis Carvalho

This simple question is every day made by many web design newbie’s looking for the perfect hosting plan for them. It is the first thing you should decide if you’re planning to buy a web hosting plan.

UNIX and Windows operating systems are the two main types of operating system platforms on which you may host your website. Each has its own set of unique features, advantages and disadvantages.

The right question isn’t “Which one is the best?” but “Which one is the right choice for your needs?”. In this article I will show you the advantages of each one and a short comparison between them.

Before that, there’s something you must know, the operating system that you use on your desktop has nothing to do whit the one used by your web host to serve your webpage Many people think that if they use on their desktop a Windows operating system they have to use a windows hosting plan, that’s absolutely not true!! The same rule applies if you had developed your website with MS FrontPage, usually Unix systems have FrontPage Extensions installed.

Now let’s make a UNIX hosting overview:

Nowadays most of the web designers are choosing UNIX servers to host their websites. Everyday Windows is losing costumers to UNIX hosting and the web hosts are exploring this fact offering daily new promotions and UNIX plans. And why are the web designers choosing UNIX plans? First a short and very important advantage: the price, the web host companies usually use free editions of UNIX systems like Linux Red Hat, Linux Fedora Core or even FreeBSD operating system, this fact lower the final price for the costumer because the web hosts don’t have to pay for the server operating system. All the UNIX operating systems are under the GNU license, this means that anyone can access the source code and modify it, very important to optimize the server and resolve any problem or security issue, UNIX systems are the most flexible and stable. It’s easier to upgrade and expand. By default these servers are installed in text mode, the system uses fewer resources and dedicates all its power to the WebPages hosted. Supports Perl, CGI-BIN, PHP3, Shells, MySQL, PostgresSQL, MS FrontPage extensions and much much more.

Windows hosting overview:

Everyone knows Windows server operating systems family! It’s true that it is losing points to UNIX hosting, is true that is more expensive than a UNIX hosting plan but Windows still Windows!! And it supports some tools that UNIX cannot run.

Only Windows plans support Scripting languages for dynamic content such as Active Server Pages (ASP) and ASP.NET, Cold Fusion, Active Perl and Visual C++. Only Windows hosting will run Microsoft specific applications such as MS SQL databases, MS Access Databases and IIS. (This is very important and if you’re planning to use any of those languages or applications in you website, you have to buy a Windows hosting plan!).

Now that you know the top features for each operating system, let’s compare them:


In low-stress conditions Windows and UNIX servers have very similar performances but under high load UNIX is very superior to Windows.


UNIX handles high server loads than Windows; UNIX systems rarely require a reboot, Windows constantly need them. UNIX can run stable much time than a Windows server and UNIX up-time is bigger.


If you design and program a website under a UNIX server you can easily host it in a windows server, but the reverse is not always possible, Avoiding windows languages (ASP, ASP.NET, etc) and databases (Access and MS SQL) is the better choice.


Any server hosting a website require a operating system and licenses, Windows 2003 and applications like SQL Server costs a lot of money, on the other hand, UNIX, usually Linux, is free to download, use and operate. This make the difference between the price, UNIX hosting will always be cheaper than a windows one.


Unix hosting is more stable, has better performances, is more compatible and cheaper than a windows hosting plan. I always recommend UNIX hosting. You will only need Windows hosting if you’re going to develop in ASP, .NET or VB.

Luís Carvalho is a professional web designer that decided with more 5 experienced web designers to start rating all the web hosts that our clients use. The result was a webpage [http://www.besttopwebhost.com], a free web host directory, were you can find the top providers and plans reviews. If you have any question or comment, please contact me at mailto:luis@besttopwebhost.com.

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By Matthew C Thomas

Before you can narrow your search for a web hosting service, the single biggest decision facing you is the type of operating system you are interested in. This decision alone will narrow the field down of potential provider significantly, and narrow down the packages you will be researching and comparing.

In general, there are several major criteria used when selecting and web hosting service, and these are all impacted by the operating system:

  • Performance
  • Features
  • Stability
  • Price

Traditionally UNIX was the hosting service of choice due to its advantage in these four areas, but the gap between the two big operating systems as a hosting choice continues to close and get blurred quite often. Here is a breakdown of where they stand today:


UNIX systems still tend to win in this area, due to several key factors – memory (RAM) requirements and OS tune ability. Windows was developed as an operating system to make it easy for wide range of people to use, from the highly skilled to the less computer inclined. UNIX was developed more for server usage, and the average skilled computer person would not be able to use and manage this OS on a daily basis. Because of this difference in background, UNIX will perform better as a server than a Windows box on the same hardware – Windows needs more RAM to compete with UNIX, but UNIX will still beat it out due to its ability to tune virtually everything, down the very core of the OS itself.

Let me be clear about this, I am not saying that UNIX is a better OS than Windows, just that it is a better performing hosting environment. Windows beats UNIX out in usability, development tools, maintainability, and many other areas.

But don’t stop reading here – performance is the least of your concerns when choosing a web hosting service. Because you will most likely be choosing a shared hosting environment, you have very little control over the resources of the machine as related to your hosted website – you will be sharing memory, hard drive access, CPU, and network bandwidth with hundreds of other websites anyway. At any given moment in time one of the other websites might be spiking in activity and cause your website to response slowly.

In a virtual private server or a dedicated server, UNIX would be the best choice in the performance category, but in a shared environment the gap is not a factor.


Both Windows and UNIX come fully loaded with a wide range of features, and quite a few are shared between the two. If you were to manage the machine directly, you would most like choose Windows due to its easier to use interface. But this is not the case when speaking of a web hosting account. All hosting companies use a control panel to allow users to manage their account and websites, and all of the control panels are web based, and many are cross-platform. All of these control panels are identical in functionality – they provide a web user interface to all of the underlying OS, web server, and files on the hosting service. Both operating systems support remote access (UNIX with telnet/SSH shell, Windows with Remote Desktop) and ftp file management as well.

The biggest difference in features between the two operating systems is the development tools available. Both support the major scripting languages used to create websites such as PHP, PERL, Python, Ruby, and Java. Both support extensions popular for adding to websites such as ColdFusion, FrontPage Extensions, Flash, etc. Both have support for the free MySQL database, which usually resides on a separate machine at the hosting company anyway. Windows has the advantage here in that is supports ASP, ASP.Net, ASP MVC, and MSSQL databases as well. These are tools specific to some applications and may be a major requirement for you – obviously making this decision between the two operating systems easy. Most Windows based web hosting packages will offer, at some price point, unlimited MySQL databases with unlimited disk space, but limited MSSQL databases with limited disk space. This is due to the licensing requirements of MSSQL causing more expenses on the part of the web hosting service as the use more MSSQL databases for their customers. MySQL and MSSQL are virtually identical in performance and features – just like the operating systems they differ mainly in the area of price and management abilities.

UNIX does have a slight advantage in many of the scripting languages due to its ability to compile into the web server (Apache, open source) the extensions needed to run the scripting languages. Windows cannot due this with its web server (IIS) since it is a commercially sold application. Windows and IIS must run most of the scripting languages as a CGI extension, which means they are launched as an external process to the web server, requiring slightly more startup overhead each time they are needed. Microsoft has acknowledged this shortcoming with the latest IIS (version 7) and allows these scripting extensions to be more in process. In the big picture it does not make much difference either way since this is really getting back into the area of performance – refer back to the prior discussion performance as to why it is of not much importance in a shared hosting environment.

UNIX has a slight advantage in available installable applications – most of the open source website projects (blogs, content management systems, shopping carts, web site builders) install smoother under UNIX since they assume you are using other open source tools (Linux, MySQL, Apache). Installing some of these on a Windows operating system require extra configuration or help from the web hosting support staff. With the growth of cross platform control panels, this problem is shrinking over time. Also there are Windows specific open source projects available for every need of your website that install clean and function nicely – but they may be younger and less developed than the UNIX counterpart.

Windows is the operating system of choice based on features, especially in the shared hosting environment and if you need any of the Microsoft technologies (ASP, ASP.Net, ASP MVC, MSSQL) to run your website. Be careful if you have a need for one of the older scripting technologies (PHP, PERL, Python, Ruby) on a Windows hosting, they may not be available or perform poorly.


Windows has traditionally been dinged in the past in this area, but mainly due to its desktop operating systems, not its server operating systems. Windows hosting packages will be running either Server 2003 or Server 2008, both of which do not have stability problems. The desktop stability problems are mainly not Microsoft’s fault – almost every desktop Windows user is guilty of installing a wide range of various software packages and drivers, rendering the machine over time to be a blend of software that has never been tested with each other.

UNIX has traditionally and still shines in the area of stability – again due to its background of being developed as a server operating system. It also has advantages over Windows in that complete server reboots are rarely needed as part of a installation of a third party software package – it has clearly defined system component drivers that can be rebooted without requiring a complete system reboot.

Both operating systems are equal in the area of stability – even in the shared hosting environment they both have adequate safeguards against individual websites on the same machine from causing harm or abruptly stopping the server.


Windows still remains a slightly more expensive operating system to sell hosting accounts out of for two reasons – licensing and RAM requirements. Web hosting companies have more expenses on a Windows server that hosts 100 websites than it does on a Linux server hosting 100 websites. Typically companies also carry a Microsoft support agreement with annual expenses as well as the upfront licensing expenses of Windows – even though they all require a staff of knowledgeable and skilled technicians to manage the bank of servers regardless of the operating system.

Windows is also slightly more expensive with database support for you website – most web hosting offer a UNIX hosting package at some price point with unlimited MySQL databases and database disk space, but very few offer a Windows package at any price point with unlimited MSSQL databases and database disk space. So if your website grows and needs more databases and disk space, you may be locked into paying a higher fee per month with MSSQL and Windows than you would with MySQL.

UNIX has the advantage in pricing, even though some hosting companies do now sell Windows and UNIX based accounts at the same price point, but most still have a slight increase of monthly fees for the Windows packages.


Let me be clear about this: the choice of hosting your website in UNIX or Windows has nothing to do with the desktop operating system you use on a daily basis. It has nothing to do with the management interface you will use to manage your website and hosting account. It also is not about which operating system is better than the other. Some people have a religious fervor for one or the other, but they are both just tools in the toolbox. Which is better, a hammer or a screw driver? It depends on the job at hand.

So here is a review of how the operating systems are in the four areas of criteria used when selecting and web hosting service:

  • Performance: Tie in Virtual or Dedicated server, UNIX in a shared environment
  • Features: Windows, based on addition of Microsoft technologies
  • Stability: Tie
  • Price: UNIX

So, based on this discussion, your decision will be driven two simple questions:

  1. Do you require any of the Microsoft technologies?
  2. Are you willing pay a few extra dollars per month for the Windows and Microsoft technologies?

If you answer yes to the above questions, you should go with a Windows based web hosting package. Otherwise you should move towards the UNIX based packages since it is a cheaper and faster.

Matthew Thomas, administrator [http://www.HostGraphs.com]

I invite you to come peruse the real top 10 web hosting companies, ranked by actual response time data. Visit [http://www.HostGraphs.com] and see who the fastest web hosting companies are, see graphs of their historical response times, read reviews, search and filter their available hosting packages, and discuss your own experiences with them.

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By L. Belenky

Should you opt for Windows web hosting or choose a host that uses one of the many varieties of UNIX operating systems? You can decide by evaluating the differences and similarities between these two web hosting options.

Microsoft developed Windows Server, while UNIX was developed as an “open system.” The UNIX source code is publicly available and free for anyone who wants to use it. Some view UNIX’s open source origins and status as an advantage. It’s free, while Microsoft Windows Server involves a purchase. Thousands of individuals have contributed to the development of UNIX, and it is more frequently updated than Windows Server. On the other hand, UNIX is more complex as a result of being open source.

Windows web hosting supports nearly all Microsoft products. This includes Microsoft FrontPage, Visual Interdev and Microsoft Access. Windows Server also supports Active Server Pages (ASP). This is a popular scripting language that allows you to build dynamic, database-driven web pages.

If you’re planning to build your website yourself, it’s worth considering that most CGI programs (including many free Perl scripts) available online today were developed on UNIX. This means they usually install and operate better under UNIX.

In terms of reliability and security, there are many arguments between Windows web hosting and UNIX supporters. Some claim UNIX operating systems are more stable and faster. Windows is sometimes seen as more insecure due to the fact that it is such a widely used PC operating system. This gives people more time to explore and exploit its flaws. On the other hand, UNIX platforms are the most widely used server types, and it too has been hacked successfully over the years.

In terms of performance there’s not a huge difference between the two server options today. Consider that developers are always working to improve both Windows Server and UNIX. Neither is likely to far out-pace the other in terms of reliability, security or features in the near future.

These are just a few of the differences and similarities between UNIX and Windows web hosting you may want to consider when deciding between the two operating systems. In many cases, the choice about which operating system a web server is using isn’t really important. It’s mainly consequential only if you require specific features offered only by one or the other, or if you plan to use specific technology that will function better or more appropriately on either UNIX or Windows Server.

Compare Web Hosts is a premier web hosting directory that provides accurate and unbiased web hosting reviews. You can find the best cheap web hosting Linux web hosting and Windows web hosting online at CompareWebHosts.com

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Serious computer users who care about how their computer operates know that Linux has advantages that Windows simply doesn’t. Here you’ll find a list of those benefits:

  1. Windows vs LinuxLinux is free
  2. Linux is Open Source
  3. Live CDs are available for the popular distros that allow you to try it out without affecting your computer
  4. Live CDs come with all your hardware drivers automatically, they don’t have to be searched for online
  5. Linux is there to come to the rescue when Windows breaks
  6. Linux has thousands of developers around the world that work 24/7 to keep it secure
  7. Filesystems used by Linux are superior to Windows filesystems – no more endless “defragging”
  8. Ancient computer systems can be brought back to life with a modern operating system- Linux
  9. Since Linux is inherently Free, many software developers writing programs for it won’t expect you to pay for it
  10. There are many ways to customize the most common distros that leave the freedom in your hands, not some huge corporation
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By Sharoon Nicolas

Truly speaking, there are thousands of companies in operation as far as website hosting in India is concerned. The majority of these companies provide Windows hosting as well as Linux hosting plans. Windows plans are normally priced more due to the license expenses enforced by Microsoft. So, the question remains: how can you determine which one is more suitable for you – Windows or Linux? Read this article to make your task easier.

Windows operating systems are widely used in approximately 95 percent of all personal computers in the world. Therefore, they are the most preferred option among all those novices who are looking for cheap web space for their websites. However, in the world of web servers, Windows is lagging behind.

People usually opt for a Windows hosting plan when they have their websites developed using Microsoft .NET technologies that are unavailable on Linux platforms. As a matter of fact, if you require ASP with no .NET features, nearly all Linux plans do not extend support for it. Similarly, Access databases are exclusively obtainable with a Windows plan. They are unable to run on a Linux OS. If you require an enterprise class database, there are several options that are compatible with a Linux platform. However, if you have the requirement for Microsoft’s MSSQL database, a Windows plan must be your ultimate choice.

On the other hand, if you want to operate an enterprise class website, Linux based systems are the most suitable ones since they offer all the important services to run such a site for free. Several websites with voluminous traffic on the internet boast superior quality infrastructure provided by Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP or simply LAMP. PHP performs more effectively on a Linux sever in comparison to a Windows server. Nevertheless, unless your PHP scripts experience a heavy load, you cannot notice the difference.

In most cases, Linux hosting plans are a minimum of 20 percent cheaper than Windows plans. If you don’t require any of the aforesaid Windows attributes, Linux is a perfect choice for your web hosting in India. There are also reseller hosting plans available for both the platforms.

In case of Microsoft based technologies, Windows plans are normally your finest bet. For all other technologies, Linux plans will mostly perform very well. Due to the cost benefits generally associated with Linux, such hosting is the apt option for you. Hence, weigh your requirements carefully and choose the right platform.

We are one of the leading cheap web hosting providing various services to the customers like India Window hosting, windows server, Linux hosting and many more.

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By Amit Bhawani

Every web hosting service provider makes use of one operating system or the other. There are different operating systems which the web hosting provider can use and they include Linux, Macintosh, UNIX, and Window. From the experiences of the providing companies it is apparent that one OS is always preferred over and above the others. However of all the operating systems it is only the Linux and Windows operating systems that are in hot demand among the service providers. It is because the two OS provide the most efficient and most reliable service in terms of performance.

However there is a raging debate over which of the two is better than the other. The truth is that each of the two systems may have one or two areas where its performance and quality of service is better than the other. However when it comes to their general performance and preference most people are of the opinion that Linux hosting is better than the window hosting web hosting. We are going to review the different hosting options using each of the operating system and determine which of them offers the better services.

The area where the effectiveness of Linux is easily noticed and indeed preferred to the Windows is the easiness with which the servers can be accessed. The easiness with which the server is accessed determines the efficiency and the reliability of the operating system. It is true that both operating systems I mean Linux and Windows have the FTP system. The advantage of Linux over Windows is that Linux in addition offers telnet or Ssh system which Windows do not have. The use of telnet or Ssh by Linux is a plus because it makes Linux powered servers to offer good to offer more reliable services. It is a big advantage which Linux has offer Windows it facilitates the easiness with which sites are hosted by Linux.

Another area where the use of Linux is better than the Windows operating system is in the area of writing of pages. Both operating systems use HTML and JavaScript. The use of FrontPage extension is more efficient with Linux than in Windows.

Another area where the use of Linux is preferred over the Windows is in use of CGI. Although the CGI functionality can work in both Windows and Linux but the effectiveness of the feature in the Linux is better. Service providers who want CGI functionality in their system always go after web hosting providers that use Linux as operating system. The other advantage which Linux had over Windows includes the offer of other server side scripts like ASP, PHP and ColdFusion functionalities. It is not that Windows do not offer that functionality but that of Linux operating system is better.

When it comes to the running and operating of the databases such as the mySQL then it is better to run it in Linux than the Windows. Even in the area of security which is most important factor to consider in choosing an OS, Linux is better because it offers more functionality unlike the Windows which is more vulnerable to attack.

Amit Bhawani is a Professional Blogger who is a partner at Digital World Solutions and offers useful website development tips online. In order to find out more on Shared Web Hosting and similar website and webmaster related guides, check out Best Hosting Advices.

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Move From Windows Hosting To The Affordable Linux Hosting

By Darren W Chow

Windows hosting and Linux hosting are two of the most popular forms of hosting there is, though most companies are geared up toward Windows since the majority of computers utilize this feature. For those, however, who like absolute freedom and customization to their web based experience, Linux is the way to go. Linux was started as an open source code that allowed anyone with the right amount of expertise to change at their bidding. Over time, Linux started to take on a life of its own, and now it is one of the most popular forms of technology on the web. As a more affordable option to website building, Linux could be the wave of the future. If you are considering a switch to Linux hosting from Windows, then consider the following:

Windows based hosting is more susceptible to viruses. Internet predators, such as hackers and malicious software writers, are today looking for the most targets they can go after at once. While Linux is comparatively small, it also benefits from the reality that it is not considered a “technology giant.” People do not feel the open source freebie poses a threat to the little guy, and so by nature, hackers and other Internet predators leave it alone. If you want your site to run in a manner that is least susceptible to these individuals and their personal vendettas, then you will definitely want to consider a switch to Linux soon.

Linux is versatile and can be hosted by a number of platforms. Many have the misconception that Linux, because it is very customizable, ever changing and out of the mainstream, a normal control panel will not be able to handle what it has to offer. This misconception could not be further from the truth. Today, most hosting companies will support Linux users, and the experience is wholly integrated to the hosting platform’s overall experience. In order to take advantage, you need only sign up and build your Linux based platform into the hosting interface.

While Windows based hosting is slowly changing and relies on a core group of developers to do so, Linux can change almost daily to enable more advancements than its competitor. Furthermore, if you are a developer looking to customize, you do not have to start from scratch to get exactly what it is you want out of your programming.

There are many reasons to make the switch to Linux, but perhaps the most compelling is that it is naturally more affordable than Windows based hosting. With a little skill you can turn it into something that is more functional as well. If you think your site needs a shot in the arm of creativity, then wait no longer and make the switch today.

Linux web hosting plan is cheap and more affordable compared to windows hosting plan. HostGator is one good linux hosting company. View the HostGator coupons that give 25% discount. There are also many other HostGator coupon codes from this web hosting reviews and coupon website.


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Why Linux Is Better Than Windows OS
By Eve Wilson

Are you tired with your Windows operating system? Is the OS infected by viruses and there are security issues as well? Well, you are not alone; there are many Windows users who are not satisfied with this operating system. Microsoft Windows might be the most popular operating system in the market but there are a number of flaws. On the other hand, Linux, a less popular system, is much better in terms offering hassle-free computing experience. To get Windows OS you need to pay a hefty amount while Linux is absolutely free. In this article you will find why Linux is a better choice than Microsoft Windows.

More of the complaints we get regarding Windows PC is about virus infection. You cannot use a Windows machine without antivirus or anti-malware. Even after having these programs installed there is still the risk of getting infected. Sometimes, viruses and malware even get past the best solutions. On the other hand, with Linux, you don’t need to worry at all about this. Your PC will hardly get infected with viruses with this operating system.

Windows PC users also experience mysterious slowdowns. The reason behind this shut down could be diverse. It might be due to viruses, malware, fragmentation, or any other operating system issues. You will never experience these types of abnormal behavior from on a Linux computer. Not only the operating system but also you will hardly face mysterious application crashes with Linux.

Troubleshooting on Linux computer is very easy as you can go through the /var/log to find out what is ailing your PC. If you are not well familiar with the command line, you can install a GUI. This will allow you to scan through the log files and check for the issues and fix it. You can also run a backtrace to get all of the debugging information for the applications that you are facing problem with. Then you can fix the issues on your own or contact an Operating system support provider for Linux support.

Another most important thing is resource. To run a Windows 7 desktop your computer must have minimum 1 GB of RAM. Anything less than that makes your computer appear like it is working on slow motion. With Linux system you will never face this type of problem. Linux requires very less amount of hardware resources. This OS make the use of RAM to cache files until the cached files goes above the amount of RAM available on the computer. On the other hand, Windows 7 OS uses memory for cache only for the cases if there is no other demand for said memory.

These are some notable features of Linux operating system which make them stand at much better position than Windows OS in terms of safe and secure computing.

Computer Repair San Diego has different online tech support plans for the PC users. By choosing any of these plans PC users can fix all types of computer problems instantly.

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Top 3 Reasons To Switch To Linux
By Aditya Rayaprolu

A lot of people have heard about Linux, and how good it is. But they have also heard how difficult it is. Five years ago, if someone said that Linux is still not ready to be used by the average PC user,then there would have been a good reason to justify that statement, because no form of Linux was really user-friendly back then. But today, the picture has changed entirely. Many distributions of Linux have dedicated their development to make it easier for the average user to get used to the Linux environment, and the interface has become very user-friendly. Here are three quick reasons why you should immediately switch to Linux, and say goodbye to Windows!

1. Security:

Linux is based on the Unix operating system, which is very famous for its built-in security features that make it difficult for someone to break into the system. The Linux kernel improves some of these features, and the result is a robust operating system that cannot be harmed by some of the most common viruses and malware present on the Internet. Linux is so secure that one can try to execute a virus-ridden file and still get away with it, because the virus would simply not work under Linux!

2. Speed:

Any Windows user would know that if a lot of programs are installed under Windows, the computer becomes slow and unresponsive after a period of time, and the user needs to defragment the hard disk in order to gain speed again. Linux doesn’t have these issues, and maintains a constant speed at all times, simply because its file system does not allow the computer to slow down at any moment. The speed of the computer will only depend on the hardware configuration, and no matter how many programs are installed under Linux, the speed won’t be affected.


This is perhaps the biggest advantage of using Linux. It is completely free! Except for the commercial Linux distributions like Red Hat, the other distributions are entirely free of cost, and can be downloaded and modified at the user’s will. This is in contrast with the heavy pricing Microsoft puts on its Windows operating system, which is very weak against the various threats on the Internet.

So if you haven’t yet switched to Linux, you seriously need to consider pondering about these three reasons, and you’ll soon be wondering why you didn’t make the switch before!

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