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MySQL for Beginners – Its Important Features and Advantages

MySQL logoBy Eric Datu Agustin

MySQL for beginners requires you to first know Structured Query Language (SQL), a general query language, through which you can extract, sort, update, delete and insert data. With SQL, you can manipulate data as you used relational database management systems (RDBMS) such as MySQL, Access, Ingres MicrosoftSQL Server, PostgresSQL, Oracle, Sybase, etc.


MySQL versions

Structured Query Language (SQL) has full support from the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), which has laid down certain rules for its use. So, when you want to build a strong foundation in SQL, you can choose from one of the aforementioned RDBMS that is specific for your use. As a caveat, you should have to consider three primary factors before you opt for a database system, as follows: the platform on which you work, what you want to achieve and your finances.

As you may know, all the important and common SQL statements are supported by any of these RDBMS; however, each RDBMS has its own set of proprietary statements and extensions. In layman’s terms, a database stores or housed your data files (such as names and emails of your friends). If you use small programs such as Perl for your database, your information is displayed and your data analyzed based on the program’s search criteria features.

Some of the important features of MySQL for beginners are, as follows:

a) It is very fast and much reliable for any type of application;

b) Its command line tool is powerful that it can run SQL queries against database;

c) It supports binary objects and indexing;

d) It allows changes to structure of table while server is running;

e) It has a wide user base with fast thread based memory allocation system;

f) Its code is tested with different compilers;

g) It is written in C and C++ language;

h) It is available as a separate program for use in a server/client network environment;

i) It is available for most Unix operating platform;

j) It is available for window operating system window 98 and 95, and window NT;

k) Its programming libraries for C, Delphi, Java, PHP, Python, etc. are available to connect to MySQL database; and,

l) A lot more.

In addition to the above, some of the advantages using MySQL are, as follows:

a) Its source code is available and can even be recompiled;

b) It supports more than twenty different platforms, which include Linux distribution Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows and Unix;

c) It is considered one of the world’s most popular open-source database system;

d) It is high performing and very reliable RDBMS where it can store many gigabytes of data; and,

e) It is a very powerful yet uncomplicated software that can handle most corporate database applications.

If you are one of the ardent supporters of open source software worldwide, you would consider “what is MySQL” for Linux, which is 100% free and that the combination of Linux, Apache, My SQL and PHP (LAMP) is incomparable.

There are other things you know more about MySQL for beginners as a RDBMS for beginners; however, suffice to say that, a good sign up and online tutorial will help you more regarding its actual use.

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Comparisons of Linux and Windows Web Hosting
By Shellaine Enfesta

There are a lot of people trying to compare windows web hosting to Linux based webhosting. There are many similarities as well as the benefits and the advantages of both. While there are so many similarities and advantage, it is those little specifics that count the most. It needs to be broken down in order to know the many similarities and advantages.

290px-Windows_Server_2008_R2_RTMCurrent versions of Windows Server also support PHP. Most Windows hosting packages today are based on either Microsoft Windows Server 2003 or 2008 operating systems. Although Linux is dominant in the hosting arena, Windows is becoming more common and now stands firm as a solid number-two option. For the rest of us, however, most of whom can barely spell HTML, never mind use it, building a website is something either best left to the aforementioned techno-geeks, or to Windows and Microsoft. If you’re looking for an inexpensive way to host your personal site, blog or small business web site, than look no further.

For example, all components from IIS (Internet Information Services) to the SQL Server database system are designed to support one another. Two of the most essential components you definitely need to consider are storage and bandwidth. Our guaranteed web hosting providers offer many years of experience in managing your website or shopping cart or will build and support an entire on-line store.

NET, both of which are web application frameworks that can help you creates a dynamic, feature-rich website. Plesk is a web based interface to your Windows web hosting account that allows you to create e-mail addresses and mailboxes, view your web site traffic statistics, set permissions on your HTML, ASP, and ASP. Outsourcing enables a company to reduce its TCO by freeing assets, such as cash that is allocated to capital expenditures and the expense of specially-trained staff, which can account for anywhere from 22 percent to 47 percent of the total budget for the Web site.

KNOPPIX_booting300widthLinux web hosting in the beginning, the system was primarily but sparingly used by diehard fans and experienced users due to its complexity. Here are the other advantages of choosing Linux web hosting: The internet itself is based on interconnected networking computers, something that comes naturally for Linux.

Both operating systems have pros and cons to consider when deciding which to use for hosting. Commercial support is offered via a number of vendors. Linux web hosting is not a complicated job like the way it is portrayed by pundits who compare it with the user-friendly interface of Windows.

The bottom line when you compare these two main web hosting systems, it all depends on your business or personal preference. All you need to do is to compare the advantages and disadvantages and then make the informed decision on which web hosting systems is more of your preferences and easier to undertake.

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