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Basic Advantages of Linux Web Hosting

By Tina Hope

Linux web hosting not only helps you build your website from a small business to a large enterprise but also gives you many advantages over contemporaries and competitors alike. Once you decide your budget and also your required features, then you will be able to decide on the Linux web hosting package that will further improve your chances of doing well in business. The scripting language that is incorporated in your website also comes into play and so does the interactive facilities that are implemented in it. There are many advantages that one ends up getting through Linux web hosting services. Some of them are mentioned below:

1. Linux is open source code software and eventually does not require the gigantic licensing fee that one usually ends up paying for others. Other operating systems command a huge licensing fee in comparison to this one and it is this virtue of minimizing costs that makes this form of web hosting highly endearing to hire. You not only get to download it free of cost but also are rendered the advantage of using it sans any sort of costs.

2. The Linux based website can be converted to a window based website at any time of the day without any hassles. The website can easily be changed back into its original form or to any other form when the requirement of the user keeps growing continuously. The conversions can be done depending on the user requirements and can also be changed according to changing times.

3. This form of hosting is the most economical form of hosting and the user gets to save a huge amount of money out of the total budget. The only costs involved are those of the distribution that are further incurred by the proprietor or the owner.

4. Linux also proves to be the most cost effective and frugal option for your website when the scripting has to be done in languages like PHP and My SQL along with Perl. Unless and until the scripting is very heavily loaded, one does not have to worry about the whole process.

5. The operating system allows the user to run as many kinds of databases one feels like running. The most widely used databases include the likes of My SQL and Postgre SQL. These databases might look interrelated by nature and also allow highly optimized communication. This is done to quickly reclaim all the data.

6. It offers paramount security. The end user does not have to worry about the security of any of the applications and can go about doing anything on the server. Designers and programmers prefer this form over any other form and can mostly be seen using it.

These advantages this form of hosting a lot of advantages that are too good to ignore and subsequently have created a huge fan base for Linux web hosting India. Be it any IT professional who deals with this, Linux hosting is never short of springing in surprises and always manages to fox people.

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10 Things to Know When You Select the Best Drupal Hosting

By Jared D. Ingram

Drupal hosting is a new concept in the internet world and has amazed all the human minds. In the beginning there was just a simple concept, web hosting. It later developed into dedicated web hosting and cheap web hosting, the technology just got better and PHP and ASP hosting services dawned on the web. The new technology just gets better with each day and right from the static pages to the dynamic ones, slowly the things only keep getting better and slowly the wordpress hosting, joomla hosting and PHPBB hosting has come our way.

Now, let us get down to Drupal hosting, this is basically a CMS or content management system and has been written down by the PHP and needs the MySQL database to function properly. Now after understanding the basic also know that drupal hosting can turn your website into large ones and small logs would soon help you in creating big directories and online communities.

If you are searching for best drupal hosting service for you then you must take 10 things into consideration:

  • Drupal is established by PHP even though you can always select a windows hosting and PostgreSQL, but the finest alternative to function Drupal hosting is still the Linux and MySQL.
  • Even now, drupal hosting is new to the internet world and not all the good web hosting companies will be able to offer you with solutions that give your Drupal site good support.
  • A company that offers free Drupal installation and free themes etc does not mean that they are the best drupal hosting services. You will get the same free services with Fantastico, you have to know that all the hosting companies have these tools set up to be able to provide you with the services and that Fantastico is already very popular in the web hosting companies.
  • The clean URL support is vital requirement from the best hosting as it would make your website more search engine friendly.
  • If you want to get multi-site features of the best hosting, you would have to get an access to the Unix Shell and create a Symlink. Though for the security purposes, this might not be permissible. In such cases you can also create a PHP script for accomplishing your task.
  • The best drupal hosting can only work if the database runs very fast and a lot o companies fail to do that.
  • There are some hosting companies that will set a limit for you to utilize the CPU resource or the Memory resource. You will have to check with the hosting providers and understand the data and also keep a close check on your website to see if it gets down for this trouble. If this is the trouble then you will have to upgrade your hosting.
  • Select a drupal hosting company that permits you to preserve your cron jobs.
  • There is a common phenomenon for all the shared web hosting companies; here you will receive unlimited bandwidth and disk space. But do not believe these companies and always remember that you will get for what you will pay!
  • Backup your website daily, this is really important.

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