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By John Lenaghan

Windows or Unix/Linux – which operating system should you choose for your web hosting? This question is often asked when webmasters start looking for web site hosting. The operating system you choose can make a big difference in your business plans as your website grows.

Windows-Based Web Hosts

Windows-based servers use programs such as Microsoft Access and MS SQL for “back-end” operations. Scripting is also handled by Microsoft technologies such as ASP (Active Server Pages) and VBScript.

Perhaps more importantly, Windows-based servers can easily be managed and multiplexed by using .NET technology. They offer excellent support, security and integration for Microsoft products.

They’re a good choice for either shared or dedicated hosting, but the features offered by Windows servers do come at an extra cost which may be an issue for small businesses.

The reason there is often a higher cost associated with Windows servers is because the software they are based on costs the hosting company money. They have to buy them all from Microsoft, and that cost gets passed on to you.

This is in comparison to the free software technologies which are generally used on Unix or Linux-based servers.

Unix/Linux-Based Web Hosts

Unix and Linux are two different operating systems, but because they work essentially the same way, we’ll consider them as one for the purposes of this article.

One of the most important characteristics of Unix-based servers is that they can handle a large amount of traffic. Unix is a robust operating system and can easily handle hosting multiple websites on a single server.

They’re also very flexible and the services running on a given webserver are easily customizable. Unlike Windows, Unix servers aren’t limited to special remote administration programs. Any computer with an internet connection can login to a typical Unix server using freely available software.

A lot of webmasters choose Unix over Windows because of the server uptime. Windows servers can provide very good uptime as well, but to do so the web hosting company has to be proficient with Microsoft systems. There tend to be more hosts who are familiar with Unix than with Windows on the hosting side of things.

So Which is the Right Choice?

For the average website, a Unix hosting plan is often the best choice. However, if you need to use Microsoft technologies such as Access or MS SQL databases, or ASP or VBScript scripting languages, you should opt for a Windows host.

Note that even though Frontpage is a Microsoft product, it is supported by both Windows and Unix hosts. If you’re considering a Unix host and using Frontpage, make sure they offer “Frontpage Extensions” support.

John Lenaghan writes about Unix & Windows web hosting, business hosting and other website hosting topics on the Hosting Report website. Find out more at http://www.hostingreport.org

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Linux Forum – An Answer To All Linux Questions

By Muhammad Suhail

Linux is an open source operating system that is a modified clone of the UNIX operating system. Initially, during the 1960s – 1980s computer systems were large, bulky and were solely dependent on codes to be functional. A common man cannot run a computer if he is not well aware of the system coding and if he is not part of the government or a university, as these systems were rarely found amongst common people. Geeks and nerds came together to develop faster, easier and more effective systems that would not be limited to large mainframe computers. Bill Gates came up with MS Dos and the GUI interface in the form of Windows. Whereas programming experts came up with a modified and improved version of UNIX, that is the LINUX.

The LINUX today is much different than the LINUX of yester years. No longer do you have to understand codes or learn programming skills in order to work on a LINUX system. But because people have grown to love the GUI system of Windows, the LINUX did not come to be so popular amongst the masses. However, programmers, experienced computer developers and server side users claim the LINUX to be their best operating system. LINUX now has strong security levels, and works excellent as a server and hosting services. However, for the common home based user, the OS still poses a problem, as it seems to be incompatible with a number of software programs, mainly windows based tools.

If you are new to this OS and want to understand real user experiences about this system, it is suggested that you join a LINUX forum. These forums will help you in knowing about the operating system through first hand user experiences. For newbies, LINUX forums could help them with problems of software compatibility, commands/codes etc. For experienced users, a Linux forum is a platform where they can share their knowledge and help beginners to be comfortable with the OS, especially if they have been avid Windows users. It really is tough to be a transformed user of LINUX when all your life, you have been in love with Windows.

LINUX forums will also provide you with a platform where questions pertaining to various LINUX versions will be answered and discussed. There are different categories of Linux on such forums, such as Arch, CentOS, Debian Linux etc. These forums are also an ideal ground for developers who want to create software and programs that could be compatible with the Linux platform. Remember you can use all Linux meant software on Windows, but you cannot use Windows based software on LINUX.

Professional Linux forums also provide comprehensive Linux tutorials that can guide you to operate the system. You can receive numerous solutions to Linux hardware/software compatibility issues that are faced by almost every LINUX user.

If you ever want a review on Linux books, you can find that out on Linux forums too. Because forums are based on user experiences rather than expert opinions/suggestions, it could sometimes be biased. In this case, it is always advised that you consult with a LINUX expert or anyone who knows computer sciences very well. However, you can always find the best advice from expert users on the forum.

Looking to find answers on Linux? Check out this Linux forum to get acquainted to Linux Distros and Linux tutorials.

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