logosBy Drake Q Harris

What do you think is the one upgrade that can very much help web developers in increasing their productivity, speed and their quality of work? It’s probably the simplest thing in web designing but most developers tend to overlook it.

So, what is it, you may ask? Well, it’s your text editor, of course!

No matter what language you use, only the right tools can actually make you a better programmer. All that programming needs is a clean and precise organization of information that would enable any developer, who might pick up the said file, to understand what it’s supposed to do and how to make alterations if necessary. With that, a quality text editor is a must and would probably be the single most important tool a programmer can have.

There are a lot of text editors to choose from and here are just a few of the best text editors for web designing available today.

What to Choose?

1. Text pad

This is a Windows-based editor and it’s very popular because of its easy macro recording feature. It has the standard toolbar and menu interface, just like any Windows-based tool. It also has the ability to restore its data to the last configuration used on startup. So, this is very useful because you don’t need to individually re-open your project’s file every time you start.

2. Notepad++

This is probably the most recommended text editor to upcoming developers as the most indispensable tool they can have for their line of work. It’s actually available under the GNU Public license, so what that basically means is that it can be widely shared among different developers.

3. Vim

Vim is actually the most recent execution of the Venerable VI text editor that is pretty common to UNIX systems for the past decades. It is indubitably a programmer’s editor in web designing, it is often the principal tool with which administrators install, configure and practically maintain their systems that are running UNIX or its other variants like Sun OS.

4. Textmate

Textmate is technically the only Mac-only text editor in this list. But even if this might pose a problem for programming some applications, it is actually so far exceeding most of its competition that some developers would actually want to buy a Mac just to get their hands on this top quality application. Again, this is a UNIX-based OSX so it gives users access to command line functions and all together offering some of the finest features that the Apple desktop offers.

There are still loads to choose from when it comes to text editors for web designing, but, of course, the choice is always in your hands.

Here’s the Top Four Text Editors used in Web Designing today! Check these out!