A Sneak Peek Into Window Based Application Development

By Shania Ellis

There are mainly two types of applications available either window based or web based. Windows based applications are the computer based applications which operates from the computer and runs only on windows operating system. These can be run only on those computers where it is installed. Generally both are confused but there are many differences between them.

Web based applications require web browser and internet connection and can be access on any operating system installed in computer. Each of these programs has their own benefits and drawbacks. Web based applications are fast as the user does not have to install anything before using them and we can access the same program on different computer system. On the opposite side, if the server is not responding we can’t do a single access in web based application. Previously windows were considered to be simple graphical user interface which ran on MS-DOS platform having their own file format and device drivers for running a particular application. But with the advancement of technology various software are introduced which gives a multiple user interface and allows window to run applications bigger than accessible memory. The most advanced window operating system is Windows 7 having great number of new features like touch support, home networking system and SuperBar. Windows 7 is more compatible with applications and hardware than previous operating systems.

Window based application can be developed in several ways. Visual Studio 2005 and Microsoft.NET Framework are the more acceptable application that can be installed as a service on our system. By using Visual Studio 2005 the application development becomes quicker, easier, and more reliable and by.NET programming application user can control the actions like when to start and stop. Windows operating system with.net perk up the speed at which they are operated as they are directly run from operating system. In.NET framework, different programming languages such as VB.NET, VBScript, and Managed C++ and C # can be used for developing window applications, since the.NET Framework is independent of one particular language and are supportive of many kinds of programming languages. Furthermore,.NET Framework can be used for running applications in nearly all platforms such as Linux, UNIX and Macintosh without any hindrance.

The reason why.Net framework is able to support many programming languages is because of its use of the dominant Common Language Runtime engine (CLR). The application programming codes are compiled into a Microsoft Intermediate Language (MSIL) code instead of resident codes which helps in running the application by creating the resident code. In India, there are a number of companies which uses.Net programming. As the global phenomenon is constantly changing and IT professionals know that rather than remaining just as a “specialist”, they should rather develop proficiency and practical experiences in industries, market segments and core business processes that would help them adapt to the changing ecosystem.

Shriv ComMedia Solutions (SCMS) has acquired skill set compatible with the emerging trends and demands. The areas of our skill set include window based application technologies, web application services, web development, multimedia, and technical writing.