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Finding the Right PHP Developer

By Josek Morin

Web development is an important part of business marketing today. Not only do you need efficient programs and applications to take care of your business operations and management, but there are a huge number of other factors that make developing the right web application an important factor to consider for almost any business.

There are a good number of programming platforms and languages that developers use today to provide businesses and consumers the right web applications to help them with their requirements. PHP is one such programming language that has gained a huge popularity over time, and that too quite rightfully.

Apart from offering a completely free platform for web development (with Linux and MySQL), the work of a PHP developer is much simpler than most others, and hence offers your business an inexpensive, yet effective solution.

However there are a number of factors that you must consider while looking to hire PHP programmers for your web development requirements.

Some Useful Tips to Hire PHP Developers

1. Make sure you work with an individual PHP developer or business that has the right skills and experience, and are in constant touch with PHP development projects.

2. Look for professionals who have had adequate PHP training and recognized certification

3. Ensure the delivery time is something that will suit your requirements

4. Communication is of the utmost importance. You should be able to deal with the PHP developers efficiently using a project management tool and contact them easily as and when required

5. Look through the portfolio and contact some of the ex-clients to get a clear idea as to how efficient their services have been before you deicide to hire PHP programmers

Moreover, ensure the business or the PHP professional you have decided to deal with are capable of:

1. Offering you the right services related to web integration and maintenance, as well as further development

2. Demonstrating clear concepts regarding the right design etiquette

3. Planning towards efficient resource management

4. Possessing knowledge on associated software (like CMS) and multimedia

5. Offering you the most competitive price plans with the maximum reliability

There are a number of points where PHP excels over the other available programming platforms, apart from the most obvious price factor. For example, a Linux server is very stable and offers a much faster system than a Windows server would.

At the same time, mySQL databases are much lighter than the most popular RDBMS software, and yet offer almost all the features necessary for a web application to perform in the best possible way. MySQL too is freely available for you to use towards your web development needs.

In order to lay your hands on all these benefits associated with a PHP development environment, it is very important that you only hire PHP developers who can show you the right level of expertise and results for the money you spend on them.

Bear these above mentioned points on your mind when you decide to look for PHP developers for your business web application development requirements if you want the best results at the end of the day!

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Website Content Management Software

Website Content Management Software

By David T Webb

What is Drupal?

Drupal is an open-source content management system (CMS). Basically its an environment that allows you to develop powerful websites quickly and with relative ease.

Why use Drupal?

Firstly, it’s free. It manages your website content. Easily store and edit all your content and data, display your website pages, easily and instantly edit the appearance of your website using Themes (templates), Color profiles. Drupal lets you easily add features to your website, such as Image galleries, Blogs, Forums, Calendars, Video Streaming, Podcasts, and many other features. Drupal has a large online community, supporting each other and developing drupal add-on modules to provide extra functionality to the system. Get started now with drupal at drupal.org

How Drupal works

All content; such as articles, information, user details, etc, are stored in a database. The database is accessed and managed via a database server. The design and layout of a drupal site is handled by themes. These are template files, styled with graphics and text. Themes allow you to easily change the appearance of your website without modifying any of your content. Drupal uses the PHP programming language. PHP is open-source and therefore free to use.

Drupal requires 3 things to work; A server environment, such as Apache, A PHP Server and a mySQL database server.All of the above can be downloaded in a complete package for you to use while developing websites on your PC. I recommend that Windows users check out Xampp, Linux users can use Lamp. But there are many other all-in-one PHP-mySQL development environments too. Once you have your development environment set up, then you can install drupal and start making websites.

How to install and setup Drupal

Required Software; Development environment: Xampp (Windows), Lamp (Linux), Drupal installation file (compressed archive, e.g..zip or.gz). Download from drupal.org.

Installation steps:

Extract the drupal installation file to your htdocs folder. This is the folder where your website files for your development environment are found. I will assume from here on that you extracted the drupal installation archive to a folder called ‘drupal’. (The default folder is something like ‘drupal-6.13′ with the version included.) Copy the settings.default.php in the ‘sites/default’ folder to settings.php. To do this, in your file browser, navigate to drupal, sites, default, make a copy of settings.default.php, rename the copy to settings.php. Create a database for your drupal installation to use, this may vary depending on your development environment and database server. If you are using Xampp, navigate to localhost/phpmyadmin. In the Create new database field, enter the name of your new database, e.g. drupaldb and click create. Finally, navigate to ‘localhost/drupal/install.php’ in your web browser. Follow the instructions to complete the installation of drupal.

How Drupal Themes Work

Drupal displays and styles your content using themes. A theme consists of; theme template files and theme functions. Theme template files display your content through an html and css styled template file. So your site design and content are separate. This means that you can easily change the visual display of your site without affecting the content.

How to change the theme in drupal

In drupal there are two themes that can be applied to your website; the default Theme and administration Theme. The administration theme is applied to the site when the administrator is logged in and is viewing pages under the Administer menu item. In all other cases the default theme is applied to the website. To change the default theme, navigate to Administer, Site Building, Themes. Scroll down to the theme you want, enable it by checking the checkbox. Activate it by selecting the radio button (column labeled as default). Scroll down and click Save configuration. To change the administration theme, navigate to Administer, Site Configuration, Administration theme. Select the name of the theme you want to use as the administration theme. Click Save configuration.


Drupal is a robust, free, community developed open source, multi-functional website creation and management system. It is arguably the best content management system available, under continuous development and improvement. It has detailed documentation on every aspect, from basic to advanced level. To get started with drupal or for more information, visit drupal.org.

David is a CMS expert who specialises in drupal websites and web development. Visit his Drupal Theme Tester to see drupal themes live in action.

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10 Things to Know When You Select the Best Drupal Hosting

By Jared D. Ingram

Drupal hosting is a new concept in the internet world and has amazed all the human minds. In the beginning there was just a simple concept, web hosting. It later developed into dedicated web hosting and cheap web hosting, the technology just got better and PHP and ASP hosting services dawned on the web. The new technology just gets better with each day and right from the static pages to the dynamic ones, slowly the things only keep getting better and slowly the wordpress hosting, joomla hosting and PHPBB hosting has come our way.

Now, let us get down to Drupal hosting, this is basically a CMS or content management system and has been written down by the PHP and needs the MySQL database to function properly. Now after understanding the basic also know that drupal hosting can turn your website into large ones and small logs would soon help you in creating big directories and online communities.

If you are searching for best drupal hosting service for you then you must take 10 things into consideration:

  • Drupal is established by PHP even though you can always select a windows hosting and PostgreSQL, but the finest alternative to function Drupal hosting is still the Linux and MySQL.
  • Even now, drupal hosting is new to the internet world and not all the good web hosting companies will be able to offer you with solutions that give your Drupal site good support.
  • A company that offers free Drupal installation and free themes etc does not mean that they are the best drupal hosting services. You will get the same free services with Fantastico, you have to know that all the hosting companies have these tools set up to be able to provide you with the services and that Fantastico is already very popular in the web hosting companies.
  • The clean URL support is vital requirement from the best hosting as it would make your website more search engine friendly.
  • If you want to get multi-site features of the best hosting, you would have to get an access to the Unix Shell and create a Symlink. Though for the security purposes, this might not be permissible. In such cases you can also create a PHP script for accomplishing your task.
  • The best drupal hosting can only work if the database runs very fast and a lot o companies fail to do that.
  • There are some hosting companies that will set a limit for you to utilize the CPU resource or the Memory resource. You will have to check with the hosting providers and understand the data and also keep a close check on your website to see if it gets down for this trouble. If this is the trouble then you will have to upgrade your hosting.
  • Select a drupal hosting company that permits you to preserve your cron jobs.
  • There is a common phenomenon for all the shared web hosting companies; here you will receive unlimited bandwidth and disk space. But do not believe these companies and always remember that you will get for what you will pay!
  • Backup your website daily, this is really important.

Ready to learn all about the best drupal hosting? Visit http://www.drupalhostingreview.net/reliablehosting.php today for more information!

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