By Andrew Spalding


Those looking to create a home network may find it is necessary to set up home servers. These are useful in making sure that you are able to use your computers the way that you want to use them when you want to use them.

The two main ways that you can accomplish this is through the use of the Linux Ubuntu home server and the Amahi home server. These servers are designed to provide you with instant access to all of your information throughout your devices.

The Linux system offers those who run the Ubuntu home server fast access which maximizes information sharing across devices. This same accessibility and ease of use is possible whenever using the Amahi Amahi Logohome server.

It is not only easy to set up. It allows you the ability to maintain all your information safely and securely. Best of all, with the help of open source, it is likely that there will be an Ubuntu version of the Amahi home server coming soon.

Features of the Amahi Home Server

Those using the Amahi home server will be able to enjoy these features:

- Outlook Integration

- iCal Integration

- Open Search

- Superb Calendars

- Open Source

- Network Simplification

- Dynamic DNS

- Disk Monitoring

- File Sharing

- Easy Backups

- Virtual Private Network (VPN)

- One-Click Apps

- Disk Pooling

- Media Streaming

These features offer you the ability to access your information wherever and whenever you want to.

Benefits of Using Amahi Home Server

The ability to use a VPN means that you will be able to access all of your files even when you are away from your home and the home network. This will allow you to access files even when you are on the other side of the nation and need them for a meeting.

Being able to back up your system allows you to have protection in case one of the computers on your network crashes. Set up computers to constantly update to the network so that you will have the protection needed in case a system is infected with a virus.

The Amahi server also offers you the ability to organize all of your files throughout your network. This manages your ability to find files whenever necessary. Photos, videos, documents and all other files are easily accessible when using this system.

Sharing files along the system allows you to access videos and pictures from any device on your network. It also allows you to coordinate calendars with everyone in your home quickly and easily. Even calendars which are different systems are accessible through the network.

Protecting your information from unauthorized access also allows you to have better protection for all of your information. Better security is possible as all information runs through the reinforced firewalls of the server. Additional encryption and security measures means you will have to worry about infected computers less often. It is no wonder so many people are turning to Amahi server software.

Article was written by Andrew Spalding. If you would like to learn more about building computers and home servers. Then visit How to Build a Computer