About Us

Bihlman.com is proud to present the new Linux section of the website dedicated to spreading the familiarity and use of Linux. We believe that Linux distros offer more for the vast majority of computer users than any other type of operating system. Best of all – Linux is free!

Linux has some big advantages over other Operating Systems:

  • Linux is free
  • Linux updates more often than Microsoft or Apple OSs
  • Linux isn’t subject to viruses and malware like Windows
  • Linux can be tried out on Live CDs that can be run and not change anything on the computer
  • Linux can be run from a USB memory stick – carry your PC with you in your pocket!
  • Linux has many of the same applications you’re currently using on your current computer
  • Linux was developed from Unix, the rock-solid OS that’s been powering corporations’ systems for 40 years

Please have a look around the site here, and I hope to help you soon start enjoying the wonderful world of Linux!

The journey starts here

Contact us at http://www.bihlman.com/contact/ to find out how we can help you get started in the wonderful world of Linux.

Get Linux now!