By Justin Knights

Both Linux and Unix sound very similar to each other and they are both in fact is similar because they have many things associated with one another. Both can be used as an operating system that can do well for you but in order to have a better picture on the difference between them, let us take a further look into them.

In the older days, Unix was the only option for corporations. Linux was an operating system that spawned off from Unix. It was initially an academic project and was not even being considered for networking purposes. Things only changed after a few years as the system head mainstream because there a many software developers out there using it and providing support for it. Since then, Linux has emerged to be a solution for small to medium sized operations while Unix remains the choice for more demanding operations where multiple process and systems are involved.

As for the cost for the distribution of these two systems, Linux will be ahead of Unix because it remains as an open-sourced option. Users can obtain it for free unless they are planning to use it on a server environment. If that is the case, they might have to make a initial purchase. Unix on the other hand requires a fee making it costlier than Linux. If you include hardware, a Unix server might cost from $25,000 and above. therefore, Unix is in a difficult position to be competitive towards Linux. This makes it even easier for users to choose the latter of the two hosting option.

The growth of Linux in recent years has been proving it to be a solid solution for users out thee especially when used in a server-based operating system. This has force Unix to customize their features to make it more compatible with Linux in order to stay competitive. Unix systems like AIX, Solaris and HP-UX have all been modified and integrated to make it more similar to Linux. So, you can say that Linux has become more powerful than Unix in today’s world of operating system.

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This article is written by Justin Knights, a freelance techie who loves to write about web hosting and development tips.

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