By Rebecca Prescott

Instrumental in setting up your own website and achieving a good online presence within a short time period, is choosing a good web hosting provider, and the right web hosting environment for your site. A good web hosting provider will ensure your site loads fast, and has minimal down time and outages. The right web hosting environment will mean you have the right technology to support the scripts and programs that you want to use on your site, either in the creation of it, or to provide services and features to your visitors. The two choices are windows hosting and Linux hosting. You need to exercise care in choosing the right platform that will suit your needs, as some web hosts do not provide both.

There are a lot of aspects that need to be considered before you decide on which hosting platform to use. Many times, the choice of selecting a hosting platform relies on services required by your website. If you need to use advanced scripting, then Linux hosting may be your best bet. You should be aware when not to use Linux servers for your website. If your website comprises of many Microsoft products, it is better to choose windows hosting. You can install frontpage extensions in linux environments, but for more complex windows programs, those that use, MS-SQL, or Microsoft SharePoint Services, you want specialist windows hosting. Also, if your website needs a lot of chat integration, using a windows based server is wise.

Linux web hosting is a very secure environment, and it provides a lot of flexibility in terms of the scripting languages supported, as well as the software available. When a web hosting provider provides you with a Linux hosting system, it normally means that the site will be hosted on a Linux/Unix OS platform that will make it much more compatible with the systems on your own computers. The Linux operating system has the advantage of handling more processes at the same time and hence you can expect more output from your server. You can make use of scripting languages such as MySQL, pearl, Ruby and so on when using a Linux OS platform for hosting.

Linux OS is an open source operating system, meaning that it is available for free around the world. This makes Linux based web hosting cheaper for you compared to other types of web hosting. The hosting system based on Linux is very flexible. At any time, you can easily convert your Linux website into a windows website without much hassle. You can use many kinds of databases for Linux website. The most common types of databases used in Linux based websites are MySQL, PostgreSQL and mSQL. These databases are highly optimized, greatly reducing the time spent fetching your website data.

Just like a windows hosting system, Linux hosting also provides you with a cPanel that lets you edit your websites easily. There is no need to worry about the user friendliness of hosting solutions with Linux because Linux systems have an intuitive user interface.

Unlike windows platform, Linux platforms don’t crash frequently. Linux is considered as one of the most stable operating systems. Maximum uptime and exceptional performance can be achieved with Linux hosting. Linux systems are more secure and it is possible to include your own security mechanisms with the operating system since the source code of the operating system is available for everyone. Advanced server side scripting is very easy with Linux servers. It is because of all these reasons that webmasters prefer to use Linux servers for their website.

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