By Laura Ging

There are hundreds of versions of Linux to choose from with about five or six that are actually competitive with a large number of users. The most popular version today is Ubuntu. While this is a great distribution for any user of Linux, there is one that is gaining ground called Linux Mint. This is a great distribution to consider using on your computer.

One good reason to use this distribution is because it is based on Ubuntu. Everything that Ubuntu provides Mint also has. The one huge thing that stands out over Ubuntu is that Mint has a much better look and feel. The browns and oranges of Ubuntu are the most common thing to be criticized. Mint has a sleek and polished green and black look that many consider to be the nicest looking Linux distribution.

It takes advantages of all of Debian’s and Ubuntu’s packages. This means that there are tens of thousands of pieces of software that are available with one click installs that are going to work on your system. Using the package manager, simply search and click to install applications that you want on your machine. There are so many open source programs today that in most cases you can find a free piece of software to replace something you used on a different operating system.

One huge advantage of Linux Mint is that most of the plugins and codecs that you will need to play media and use your browser are already installed. For some users, they aren’t completely sure how to get certain things to play on their machine or to get their browser to function properly. Mint takes care of this for you so that you don’t have to do it.

Since it’s free, you may as well give Mint a try and boot up a Live CD to see how this version of Linux runs.

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