By Scott Graves

Quite a few people have a tendency to dabble in Linux. This means that from time to time, they might download a distribution, burn it to a Live CD, and try it out on their computer without actually installing it to their machine. If you are a Windows user who is doing this, you need to try Linux Mint.

Linux Mint is based on Ubuntu which is the most popular distribution. This is a pretty big deal since Ubuntu which is based on Debian have thousands of packages of software already available from a simple point and click interface. If you have a need for software, Mint will allow you to easily install it. What else is an operating system good for if it can’t install and run applications easily?

Mint tends to have familiar Windows controls. This means that there is a panel, aka the taskbar, at the bottom of the screen. On the left is the “start” button, followed by shortcuts, and followed by open programs. The look and feel is similar to Windows making new users already feel somewhat comfortable with the system. If you are used to a certain configuration, having something very similar makes it easier to use.

Mint has a menu system that is fairly logical. There is favorites tab and an applications tab. This will let you get to all your software. New users find the menu system easy. There is more than enough software for the average computer user with a browser, editors, and an office suite.

The best part about Mint is that the music codec, Java, and Flash are preinstalled. This means that your media and browser will just work like you expect them to do. You will be able to open all your documents and media just like you are used to without having to install these manually.

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