By Herb Leibacher

Linux has a history of being difficult for beginners. For many years Linux really was for experts as doing anything in the operating system was pretty difficult and not too user friendly. As the years have moved on Linux has changed drastically. Every year it becomes easier and easier to use. The complicated expert functions are changed to simple point and click interfaces that most average users prefer.

Ubuntu has been known as one of the easiest distributions to learn for beginners since it is so simple. There is another distribution that might be easier than Ubuntu and that one is Linux Mint. Before this looks like another distribution war, it is not. Linux Mint is actually build on top of Ubuntu and uses the same packages and repositories. Ubuntu is in Linux Mint.

What makes Mint different is that many of the basic set up processes and plugins are included in the distribution. Flash automatically works without have to go to Adobe and select the debian package and install it. Some beginner users might not understand that they need to download the DEB package as opposed to the setup or EXE like they are used to. Things like Java are already installed. While this isn’t too difficult to get setup in Ubuntu, it could be for a new user. Mint typically takes these things that a new user might find a bit difficult and does it for you.

Another reason that this might be the best distribution to consider using is because it’s set up much like Windows users are used to using. There is a taskbar on the bottom of the screen. The “start” button, open programs, and similar icons are all in the same place as one is used to seeing them.

If you have started to get into Linux or have had some problems, download Linux Mint and give it a try.

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