Considerations When Selecting a Web-Hosting Provider
By Christopher J Houghton

Whether you are in the market for a Webhosting solution for business or personal use, there are some key factors before signing up with a new Webhosting provider. Here are the top six things to consider when selecting a webhosting provider:



When reviewing a Webhosting providers’ monthly price structure for hosting services, you should always take into account everything that’s included s being offered, the overall reputation of the company, as well testimonials from customers.

Has the webhosting provider had any regular problems with down time? Have any other customers had service problems with the webhost you are considering? Dependability with a Webhost is key, so make sure any company you are considering using has a 99% or more uptime guarantee.

Customer Service:
Some webhosting providers will talk a good game, but will they really be there for you when you have technical problems? Many people online have webhosting horror stories about dealing with poor customer service and unresponsive webhosting companies.

Some webhosting providers offer a lower monthly cost but have fewer features than other webhosting competitors. It’s possible that a webhosting company has a significant amount of online services, but they may not be able top provide enough disk space for your future needs. You may also find there are additional features that you are interested in using, but they could add significantly to the overall cost of the monthly webhosting service company. You should Determine the features you need and look for the best provider that can manage those features without any issues.

Can the webhosting company keep up with the constant information load for your website? Do they have a limitations for your hosting package? Bandwidth is very important and all quality webhosting providers will allow you to upgrade as needed. Inferior webhosting companies however will make it difficult to increase your bandwidth which can be a big problem, especially if you have multiple websites online.

Disk Space:
Your web and email host should have adequate space set aside for you to grow your online presence. While we use a few different webhosting providers, all of them offer sufficient disk space and the ability to upgrade as needed. Everyone’s needs for disk space may vary, but at a minimum we would recommend at least 20 megabytes per website.

A quality webhosting provider can provide the building blocks required to grow your online business. However, without the flexibility the webhosting provider may be less than sufficient for your ongoing needs, so be sure you select a webhost that is both reliable and scalable.

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