Things to Check While Installing Linux on PS3
By Ashish K Arora

The PS3 gaming console has transformed the gaming scene forever. Although almost everyone knows about the superior quality of games that can be played with a PS3, not many know that it can be actually made to work as your PC 450px-Playstation_3_box_controllertoo. With a little bit of tweaking in the software, you can actually make it a media center cum PC. This can be done by installing Linux on PS3. The entire process is rather simple, if you were to make sure that you check certain things.

1: Before you transform your gaming monster into a PC, you will need to make sure that you have a USB keyboard and mouse, apart from a DVD ready with you. The good thing about this inventory is that most of these things would usually be already there with us.

2: You must make sure that you have fully backed up all the data that you need before you begin installing Linux on PS3. You can save the data using an external hard disk if the files are large or in a USB pen drive. You can download Linux on to a blank DVD and keep it ready for the installation. You can always reinstall the back up data after installing Linux on PS3.

3: Installing Linux on PS3 will essentially mean that the hard disk of the gaming console will have to be split into two. In order to do this you will need to first of all erase all the data from the internal hard disk.

4: Installing Linux on PS3 will be a straightforward process, once you have checked all these aspects. Once you insert the DVD with Linux for beginning the installation process, what you will then need to do is to pretty much follow the prompts of what next to do.

If you are someone who wants more information on installing Linux on PS3, you can find it online. You can Check How my friend installed Linux, to know about the simple steps involved in the installation process and start having more fun with your gaming console. Check how to install Linux on PS3